An app-facilitated conversation series

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We invite you to engage in a series of conversations, with yourself and others, to support your growth as artists. The app introduces you to topics in the humanities and arts using images, text and web resources. This app is intended for serious students of classical ballet, pre- professional dancers and others who wish to expand their knowledge of the great art of ballet.

We hope you will find the app an inviting portal into further explorations that feed your artistic spirit, and bring insight into art, history, and the classical ideals which have shaped Ballet and continue to evolve today.The app is easy to use.

The content is inspiring and fun. The first conversation in the series is Classicism, starting with the ideals that have held true for dance since Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, Nijinsky and on until today.

What is the response?

Student dancers between the ages of 15 and 18 from The School of American Ballet were invited to collaborate on the initial phase of the project. Here are their thoughts:

"I loved having a portal to the history of dance, and from each slide or image if I wanted to learn more, I could." Leah

"Even spending fifteen minutes a day I have been able to expand my knowledge of classicism and the classics." Aaron

"I was able to expand my knowledge not only as a dancer, but as an artist." Camilla

"I especially like the questions... they really get me thinking and help me realize the significance of the particular picture presented." Constance